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Virbac Multimin Evolution Cattle 200ml

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Product Details:

WHAT IS Multimin Evolution?

  • MULTIMIN EVOLUTION Injection for Cattle is a unique trace mineral injection containing copper, selenium, zinc, and manganese.
  • Multimin Evolution Injection for Cattle increases productivity by improving immunity and fertility when it matters most.
  • The enhanced levels of zinc in MULTIMIN EVOLUTION are required to boost the immunity and fertility of modern cattle. Zinc is one of the most abundant trace minerals in the body of cattle and large amounts of zinc are used to ensure an adequate immune response and optimal fertility.1,2


  • Multimin Evolution has been shown to improve first cycle conception rates by up to 19.4%.3-5
  • Pregnancy rates in breeding females treated with Multimin Evolution are up to 12% higher than untreated females.3,4,6-8
  • Bulls treated with Multimin Evolution 90 days prior to joining had a 22% higher sperm concentration and significantly more motile sperm than control animals.9-13
  • Multimin Evolution improves cow and calf health and speeds up vaccine response. Don’t vaccinate without Multimin Evolution.1,14-23

WHY CHOOSE Multimin Evolution?

  • Multimin Evolution contains the highest trace mineral content (90 mg/mL) 24 of any other injectable trace mineral product on the market in a low volume formulation that is rapidly absorbed, readily utilised and provides sustained antioxidant activity during high demand periods.25-27
  • Multimin Evolution has 50% more Zinc than any other injectable trace mineral product on the market 24. Zinc is critical for reproduction, immunity and to meet the high demands of modern cattle1,2.

Use in cattle only by subcutaneous injection.

Always inject high on the neck, multiple injections should preferably be given on different sides of the neck, according to product label instructions.


Do not administer this product to severely debilitated or stressed animals.
Do not administer to animals suffering from liver disease.
Do not treat thirsty or exhausted cattle. Allow animals access to water after treatment.

Minerals such as copper, cobalt, selenium, iron, manganese and molybdenum compete with each other for metabolically important processes in the animal. Users should seek veterinary advice before treatment.

DO NOT use Multimin Evolution concurrently with drenches, boluses or other animal health products containing selenium or copper. If in doubt, consult your veterinarian.
DO NOT MIX products with Multimin Evolution in the same syringe prior to administration.