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Tri-Solfen 1L

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Product Details:

Tri-Solfen is a topical anaesthetic and antiseptic solution for pain relief for use on lambs following mulesing and tail docking, on lambs and calves during and following castration, and now for use on calves at disbudding and dehorning. Tri-Solfen can be easily applied on-farm as a post-procedure pain relief treatment to surgical wounds. It’s the first product of its kind to address the legitimate animal welfare concerns associated with routine animal husbandry procedures.

  • Provides immediate (within 1 min) and prolonged pain relief for at least 24 hours post-procedure
  • Reduces bleeding, abating shock and stress
  • Reduces the risk of bacterial wound infection
  • Assists in wound healing by sealing and protecting the wound

Directions for Use

Castration in lambs and calves:

  1. Cut through the skin of the scrotum as per normal procedure and gently extrude the testis to expose the spermatic cord (without cutting or tearing it).
  2. Insert nozzle through skin incision (prior to removal of testicle) and carefully advance applicator along the length of exposed cord as far as possible within the scrotum.
  3. Eject one third (1/3) of total Tri-Solfen dose as the applicator is withdrawn from the scrotum to coat the spermatic cord.
  4. Insert nozzle through the other scrotal incision and apply one third(1/3) of total Tri-Solfen dose to the spermatic cord (as described above).
  5. After application of Tri-Solfen to the spermatic cords, the testicles can be extracted from the scrotum and removed as per normal procedure.
  6. Lastly, apply the final one third (1/3) of total Tri-Solfen dose to the edges of the scrotal skin wound(s).

Disbudding and dehorning in calves:

  1. Perform disbudding or dehorning for each horn according to acceptable procedures.
  2. Immediately after disbudding or dehorning the first horn, apply Tri-Solfen with the recommended applicator to completely cover the wound including the surrounding burn wound (if using cautery) or the surrounding cut skin edge (if using excision).
  3. Repeat step 2 for the second horn, also ensuring the wound and surrounding affected tissues are completely covered.Do not spray to run-off.
  4. Take care to prevent Tri-Solfen getting into the eyes of treated calves.

Mulesing and tail docking in lambs:
Apply the Tri-Solfen spray to the wound immediately after mulesing or tail docking as a series of stripes up and down the wound. Ensure that the entire wound area is evenly covered with spray, particularly wound edges. Do not spray to runoff.
Use of the special Tri-Solfen applicator is recommended.

Insecticidal preparations registered to treat mulesing wounds can be applied AFTER application of Tri-Solfen. However, high volume fly treatments are not suitable to be used as they are likely to wash the Tri-Solfen from the wound.

Withholding Periods:
MEAT (CATTLE and SHEEP): Treated sheep and cattle must not be supplied or sold for slaughter for human consumption for at least 90 days following treatment with this product.
MILK: DO NOT USE on lactating or pregnant cows and ewes where milk may be used or processed for human consumption.

Pack Sizes:
1L, 5L and 20L

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