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Hygain Micrbeet 20kg

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Suitable for: All horses and ponies, regardless of age and use. Ideal for performance horses, excitable horses, horses prone to metabolic issues and horses with respiratory problems.

Hygain Micrbeet are unmolassed micronized (to increase palatability) sugar beef flakes, which are high in soluble fibre and low in sugar, making them an ideal formula for performance horses and horses prone to metabolic issues. These flakes may be used as a chaff replacer or to replace part of the grain/premixed feed to lower the starch intake while retaining energy.

  • High soluble fibre, low sugar flakes
  • Provides slow-release energy, ideal for excitable horses
  • Highly palatable due to micronised cooking process
  • Can be soaked to make a mash, for horses with poor dentition
  • Dust-free fibre source once soaked

Feeding Guide: Do not feed dry, soak prior to feeding at a ratio of 5 parts water to 1 part Micrbeet for 10 minutes in cold water or 5 minutes in hot water. Use within 24 hours of soaking. Hygain Micrbeet can be fed on its own at increased levels with roughage and a mineral and vitamin supplement. Hygain Microbeet may also be fed as an addition to your horses premixed feed/grains and roughage, or added as a top dressing to encourage intake of less palatable feeds. Follow all feeding directions provided on the pack.