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Beachport White Cap Phosphorus 20L

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Product Details:

Beachport White Cap has been specifically designed for phosphorus deficient areas of Australia to play a part in correcting mineral deficiencies in cattle & sheep. It also contains copper, cobalt, manganese, magnesium, selenium, zinc & iodine. Its primary target being Northern Australia but it’s well known to aid in other areas due to the benefits of phosphorus.

With the unique BLM 3-in-1 formulation of trace elements, amino acids & electrolytes we have been able to increase phosphorus and sulphur levels without impacting on the availability of magnesium and zinc already in our product.

Benefits of Beachport White Cap

  • Feed conversion of both dry and green feed
  • Beneficial to utilise fresh green feed
  • Aids in phosphorus deficient areas
  • Supports rumen development in young animals
  • Assist in improving fertility and survival rates
  • Aids in tightening up calving/lambing periods with a more even drop
  • Aids in rumen development of poorer doing livestock
  • Ease of application – for best results use in the water supply, but can also be mixed with feed or poured on hay
  • High amino acid content (the building block of protein)
  • Readily absorbed by the rumen
  • Nil withholding period

Key Time of Use

White cap can be used all year round, every 6 weeks, when animals have access to troughs.  If this isn’t feasible in your operation, consider using over these key stress periods:

Pre-Joining: Treat 2-3 weeks prior to putting the sires in

Late Pregnancy: Treat as often as possible before calving/lambing for optimal results.  This will see the breeder through calving/lambing into lactation and help with recovery (HIGHLY recommended using in water NOT orally dosing to reduce stress on heavily pregnant animals)

Sires: Start using 6 weeks prior to mating

Feed Conversion: for dry and green feed to maximise production