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Beachport Green Cap Low Stress 20L

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Product Details:

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Beachport Green Cap is a natural formulation aimed at naturally calming livestock to improve ways of coping with stress during weaning, introduction and exit from feedlots, unfamiliar surrounds of yarding and transportation in both shorthaul and longhaul trips.

Blended in conjunction with trace elements the Green Cap helps livestock lower stress naturally and utilize the numerous natural occurring effects of electrolytes and amino acids in cattle and sheep.

Benefits of Beachport Green Cap

  • One dose application
  • Feed conversion of both dry and green feed
  • High amino acid content (the building block of protein)
  • Readily absorbed by the rumen
  • Helps with rumen adaptation when there is a change of diet
  • Nil withholding period

Transportation Benefits

  • Natural formulation aids in helping lower stress levels.  A calmer animal travels better.
  • Decrease shrinkage during transportation.
  • The animal’s don’t ’empty out’ on the truck as much.
  • Application flexibility – for best results use in water supply but can be mixed with feed.
  • May help reduce dark cutters and assists with improving MSA grading.
  • Aids with ‘dead gut’ with animals going back onto feed and water more efficiently.  Animals remain hydrated and retain moisture.

Weaning Benefits

  • Animals cope better with separation and are easier to handle when stress levels are lowered.
  • Animals spend less time ‘sulking’ and return to feed and water sooner.
  • Helps reduce weaning time and stimulates the rumen.

Feedlot Benefits

  • Smoother induction
  • Animals go back onto feed and water faster with less downtime
  • Increase feed conversion and help animals cope with change of feed by stimulating the rumen

Key Times of Use

  • Trucking: Ideal time is between 1 week and 3 days prior to trucking.  To be dosed NO LESS than 24 hrs prior to trucking.
  • Weaning: Add to water either on entry to yards or weaning paddock.
  • Feedlots: For feedlots add to water as soon as entry to yards
  • Change in Diet: Dose via water or onto feed when there is a major change in feed source.