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Barastoc Rebalance Horse Block 20kg

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Product Details:

A protein and mineral supplement for horses

When they are being spelled, horses depend completely on pasture for nourishment. However, pasture is often not sufficient to provide horses with everything they need – particularly in terms of proteins and minerals.

Fortunately you don’t need to take risks with your horses when they’re in the paddock. Barastoc Horse Block is the ideal solution for times when pastures are not of optimum quality.

A complete protein and mineral supplement for horses grazing in the paddock, Barastoc Horse Block contains all true protein from vegetable protein meals.

It’s safe to feed to all horses, so you can always have the reassurance that your grazing horses are not missing out.

Key Features:

  1. Supplies protein and minerals to help overcome deficiencies.
  2. Protein comes from vegetable sources only (no urea).
  3. Convenient block form - easy to use
  4. Low wastage
  5. Suitable for all classes of horses

Feeding Directions:

Provide one block for up to 25 head and replace as necessary.
(One block will normally last 5 horses about 4 weeks).
Usual intake: 80 to 150 grams per head per day.

Analysis (As-Fed)

Total Crude Protein and Equivalent

Crude Protein (minimum) 11.0%

Equivalent Crude Protein (minimum) NIL

Crude Protein (minimum) 11.0%

Urea NIL

Salt (maximum) 15.0%

Crude Fat (minimum) 0.5%

Crude Fibre (maximum) 10.0%

Calcium (minimum) 5.0%

Phosphorus (minimum) 2.0%

Sulphur (minimum) 1.0%

Zinc (added) 200mg/kg

Copper (added) 120mg/kg

Cobalt (added) 12mg/kg

Iodine (added) 12mg/kg

Selenium (added) 1.0mg/kg

Fluorine (maximum) 0.1%

The trace mineral analysis listed above are only those amounts added. Total feed values may be higher. Full analysis available on request.

WARNING: This feed has been formulated specifically for animals as described on the package, or the label attached to the package, and must not be used for other species of animals.  Unsuitable for human consumption.  The manufacturer accepts no responsibility if this feed is used in quantities, conditions or in any way other than in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations. The manufacturers recommendations for the use of this product may be obtained by contacting our Customer Service Centre or the Head Office of the company.
This product does not contain restricted animal material


STORAGE REQUIREMENTS:  Product should be stored in a cool, dry place protected from Sunlight and below  30ºC

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