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Tee Metric Poly x Poly x Poly

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Simply Slide and Tighten™ for a reliable connection up to 110mm!

Slide and Tighten
No pipe preparation is needed and no force is required to push the pipe past the seal. Simply insert the pipe into the fitting until the first point of resistance is felt and then tighten the nut until it touches the flange on the fitting body.

Air line safety
In the event that work commences on a live air line the use of Philmac Metric compression fittings will ensure that a warning is given to the user that the line is live. This is because tightening the nut creates the seal. As the nut is loosened the seal is relaxed causing a loud release of air but the grip is maintained on the pipe.

Rated to 1600 kPa
Product is rated to 1600 kPa across the range and carries Watermark and Standardsmark accreditation.

No loose components
Although disassembly of the fitting is not required, if the nut is removed there is no danger of losing components as they are all retained within the nut.

Chemical Resistance
Metric compression fittings are supplied with EPDM seals as standard which means that the fitting can withstand a wide range of chemicals (including many acids) without the need for an additional kit. Alternative seal materials are available as a kit if required.

Impact Resistance
Metric compression fittings are made from a high grade of polypropylene to provide significant resistance to impact.

Visual stop
The flange on the body of the fitting acts as a visual cue to indicate when the nut is fully tightened. Once the nut touches the flange on the body, the fitting is in a fully tightened state.